30 Days Office Challange. #1 favourite female character → Kelly Kapoor. 

"So I received my first Valentine from a secret admirer. Roses are red, violets are blue. It’s time for your dental cleaning and maybe a checkup, too”.

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Maybe he fools around with the students all of the time. A lot of teachers do. Just ask your dad.  -A

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"When you’re a kid, you assume your parents are soul mates. My kids are gunna be right about that."

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Last week, I was in a drugstore, and I saw these glasses. Four dollars. And it only cost me $7 to recreate the rest of the ensemble, and that is a grand total of $11.

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Nicki Minaj different styles in ‘The Other Woman’

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Nicki Minaj in ‘Los Cabos’ (México)

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never ending list of favourite movies the breakfast club

"What if your home… what if your family… what if your *dope* was on fire?" "Impossible, sir. It’s in Johnson’s underwear"

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Imagine you and your icon surviving the apocalypse together.

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